This is not the usual tourist web site, but a very personal presentation of an area by people who want to share the glorious Northumberland that they love.


The Hadrian’s Wall Network is unified by their love of Northumberland in general and this section of the Mid-Tyne Valley in particular. Any accommodation presented comes with the recommendation of the group – because they know the places and the people. Any restaurants or pubs mentioned in this web site come with a similar recommendation – because the people who make up the group eat and drink in them.
The group is mixed in interest and experience. There is a a photographer whose images of the area (four of them are on this page) are so evocative that you cannot fail to see why he loves the area. There are local historians who glory in the living past that surrounds them. There are walkers who walk the wall, farmers who tend the land and newcomers who simply like living here.