Local Clothing Company Emerges

A local company very close to Hadrian’s Wall has recently opened for business. If you visit the wall regularly, you may have seen their new building. If not, then read on as they have quite an interesting business in manufacturing bum lifters. The company is aptly named bum lift pants uk.

Some girls and ladies go to great lengths to get rounder and bigger bums with some even going for pills and creams to try to get the required effects. Certain exercises may also be useful for similar results, but the results are not always adequate. Among the best means of mending your bum and making it look as you want is through the use of shapewear such as bum lift pants.

bum lift pants uk

Bum lift pants or butt lifters are items of clothing for raising and firming the buttocks. They are often made using materials that support, compress or enlarge areas around the buttocks. Most are breathable so that you will be protected from chafing or overheating while wearing them. Some bum lifter styles are advantageous in shaping and reducing hips, thighs, belly and the waist as well as lifting the buttocks.

What Options Are There?

Bum lifters can come in a vast range, which makes it easy for you to pick according to what you find comfortable and most suitable. These lifters could take the shape of boy shorts, short shorts, briefs, panties and even bum enhancing jeans are available. The choice you make is mostly a matter of inclination, but it helps to understand your options before you go right head first in and buy. For this reason, we recommend checking what the best bum lift pants are.

Bum Lift Pant Styles

  • Opening support design – The garments in this category have the bum popping through the underwear.  Bum lift pants of this type have openings strategically positioned on them.
  • Supportive design – The fabrics are used to lift the bum.  This way, they supply you with a lifted, rounder and bigger butt. The design is more comfortable weighed than the open design lifters for many wearers.
  • Cushioned design – This bum lift pant style is designed for those who are not endowed in the butt area, and they wish to appear and feel curvier and larger. The panties in the class have additional padding in a bum shape. So when you wear them, so you get instantaneous curves.

Getting The Best Bum Lifter

Bum lift pants need to be robust enough to hold the undergarments and bum in position, although the bands should also be comfortable for regular wear. You need to also ensure that you know your measurements so you can get the right bum lifter for you.  The incorrect size can give you a look which is far from natural.

Have your waistline and hips measured so that you can get the right size for you. Prices should also be taken into consideration.  Also, if you are looking for a lifter you are going to use over a long period of time, quality should always come first.

Using Sky Lanterns Safely

With fireworks and bonfire night looming, flying sky lanterns have been in the news quite a lot.  Chinese sky lanterns can be safe, wonderful and can be a fabulous way to incorporate some feeling to any celebration or occasion. They’re also often considered easier to use, and more child friendly than fireworks so they might be just what you need to finish off you next get together.

Now, flying sky lanterns are ignited so they must be handled with a certain level of respect and care. It’s important to consider safety at all times as Cheshire Fire and Rescue has detailed when dealing with Chinese sky lanterns.  The following steps will help to get you on your way to a safe sky lantern event without a hitch.


  1. They must not be used in places where there are major obstacles such as buildings, power-lines, or large trees.
  2. Children should not be allowed to use them unsupervised
  3. Sky lanterns should only be used when there is no rain and low levels of wind.  This is due to their light weight, they can easily be blown away and out of sight quickly.
  4. Unlike fireworks, you don’t light a sky lantern and step away from them. They need to be supported to get into the air once they have been lit.  But once there have started to rise, you can let go and they will continue to rise steadily into the sky.
  5. or lanterns to fly correctly, they need to be fully expanded before they are lit.  Care should be taken to open them up without ripping them
  6. Although they’re considerably safer than fireworks, specific safeguards should be taken when using them. Be sure to have at least one or two specified individuals who’s job it is to release the lanterns. This should be an adult.
  7. The paper should be a flame retardant material.  You can ensure this by purchasing from a reputable supplier.
  8. Do not release lanterns near to airports
  9. Do not attempt to release lanterns that are damaged.
  10. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby just in case
  11. Children should wear gloves before being allowed near lanterns

After a safe event, it’s very important to clean up after yourself.  Make sure you take any litter from the sky lantern packaging and any other tools with you.  Even though lanterns from reputable suppliers are biodegradable, you should attempt to find where you lanterns have landed and take your used lanterns with you also.