Using Sky Lanterns Safely

With fireworks and bonfire night looming, flying sky lanterns have been in the news quite a lot.  Chinese sky lanterns can be safe, wonderful and can be a fabulous way to incorporate some feeling to any celebration or occasion. They’re also often considered easier to use, and more child friendly than fireworks so they might be just what you need to finish off you next get together.

Now, flying sky lanterns are ignited so they must be handled with a certain level of respect and care. It’s important to consider safety at all times as Cheshire Fire and Rescue has detailed when dealing with Chinese sky lanterns.  The following steps will help to get you on your way to a safe sky lantern event without a hitch.


  1. They must not be used in places where there are major obstacles such as buildings, power-lines, or large trees.
  2. Children should not be allowed to use them unsupervised
  3. Sky lanterns should only be used when there is no rain and low levels of wind.  This is due to their light weight, they can easily be blown away and out of sight quickly.
  4. Unlike fireworks, you don’t light a sky lantern and step away from them. They need to be supported to get into the air once they have been lit.  But once there have started to rise, you can let go and they will continue to rise steadily into the sky.
  5. or lanterns to fly correctly, they need to be fully expanded before they are lit.  Care should be taken to open them up without ripping them
  6. Although they’re considerably safer than fireworks, specific safeguards should be taken when using them. Be sure to have at least one or two specified individuals who’s job it is to release the lanterns. This should be an adult.
  7. The paper should be a flame retardant material.  You can ensure this by purchasing from a reputable supplier.
  8. Do not release lanterns near to airports
  9. Do not attempt to release lanterns that are damaged.
  10. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby just in case
  11. Children should wear gloves before being allowed near lanterns

After a safe event, it’s very important to clean up after yourself.  Make sure you take any litter from the sky lantern packaging and any other tools with you.  Even though lanterns from reputable suppliers are biodegradable, you should attempt to find where you lanterns have landed and take your used lanterns with you also.

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